Wang Da Xiang (王 大翔, Wan Daa Shian, Pinyin: Wang Da Xiang) is a character in the anime and manga,Beyblade: Metal Masters. He is a member of Team Wang Hu Zhong and his partner and Beyblade is Rock Giraffe R145WB.

Da Xiang Wang
Japanese 王 大翔
English Translation Wan Daa Shian
English Dub Name Da Xiang Wang
Age N/A
Gender Male
Occupation Blader



Rock Giraffe*

First Appearance (Anime) Episode 58
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter 24
Beyblade Listing - Categ


Wang Da Xiang has long dark hair with yellow highlights on the side. He has large, green eyes and fair skin. His build is slim and compact with an evident musculature that most likely comes from his martial arts style training. Over a red, white lined shirt is a high collared, white sleeveless coat with yellow fur trim. A pair of loose white pants end just above his ankles. On his arms is a pair of black, red and yellow fingerless gloves that come up to his elbows. A pair of dark blue and gray Chinese martial art shoes complete Wang Da Xiang's clothing.


Wang Da Xiang seems to have a rather polite, calm but intense manner. He is also quite serious. Among his team, he has a lot of respect within his team, particularily from Chi-Yun. He usually acts as if he was the leader of the Wang Fu Zhong team.


Not much is known about is history except that he was in a temple training Chinese Martial Arts.




  • Rock Giraffe R145WB: is Wang Da Xiang's Beyblade in the manga and anime.

Beast/Finishing MovesEdit

290px-MFB Giraffe
Japanese きりん
English Translation Kirin
English Dub Name Giraffe
First Appearance (Anime) Episode
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter

Giraffe (きりん, Kirin): is the beast inside Wang Da Xiang's Beyblade.

  • Raging Hurricane Waves: Wang Da Xiang's first finishing move is Raging Hurricane Waves (Sturm und Drang) (疾風怒涛, Shippuudotou), He first used this attack in Episode 58 (anime)
  • Extremely Tender Violence: Wang Da Xiang's second finishing move is Extremely Tender Violence(絶対柔激, Zettai Juugeki), he first used this attack in Chapter 24 (manga)