Evil Beafowl UW145EWD (Killer Beafowl in Japan) is a Balance-Type Beyblade that appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Masters. It is owned by Jack and is part of the Maximum Series for its Tip, Eternal Wide Defence.

Killer Beafowl
Number: BB-100
Owner: Jack
Face Bolt Beafowl
Energy Ring Beafowl
Fusion Wheel Evil/Killer
Spin Track Upper Wing 145
Performance tip Eternal Wide Defense
First Appearance (Anime) MM-38
First Appearance (Manga) {{{FirstAppManga}}}
Type Balanc

Face Bolt: BeafowlEdit

The Face Bolt represents the constellation, "Pavo". Pavo is Latin for "peacock".

Energy Ring: BeafowlEdit

The Energy Ring, Beafowl is pink in color. It has 8 Peacock feathers on the side of the clear wheel

Fusion Wheel: Evil (Killer)Edit

Weight: 31.2 gram

Like its Metal System predecessor Gemios, Killer has a textured, bumpy, two-winged design that ends in two rounded edges. However, unlike its predecessor, it is considerably thinner even with a smaller amount of metal dropping below the base of the Wheel. Being so thin, the edges of each wing do not apply as much force as those of the Gemios Metal Wheel; as a result, Killer loses any of the potential Smash Attack the first incarnation had.

Being so thin negates any possible defensive qualities, and though it may seem suited for Stamina, it preforms poorly compared to the top-tier Stamina Wheels such as Virgo, Burn, and Earth.

Spin Track: Upper Wing 145Edit

UW145 is a great Track as it has air pushing capability's like Down Force. UW145 also has protection from low level Attacks and the fact you can change it from Upper to Downward mode, which increases its' performance. Altogether, it's a great Track.

Performance Tip: Eternal Wide DefenseEdit

EWD is a decent Tip as it combines Wide Defense's amazing Stamina with free spinning. There is one major flaw though: It has no Grip meaning it can be flung all over by Attack types but Upper Wing makes up for that by absorbing most of the Attack. EWD is a part of the Maximum Series, because Killer Beafowl's tip is considered one of the best stamina tips. However, it is no more than a second better than WD for stamina.