Kumata Kumade is the middle brother of the Kumade Brothers. His brothers are Kumasuke and Kumaji.

Kumata Kumade
Japanese 熊手 熊太
English Translation Kumade Kumata
English Dub Name Kumata Kumade
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Blader
  • Kumasuke Kumade (Eldest Brother)**Kumata Kumade (Middle Brother)
    • Kumaji Kumade(Youngest Brother)

Rock Orso D125B

First Appearance (Anime) Episode 26
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter
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Kumata along with his brothers, are often referred to as the Orso Brothers, they all own the same beyblade with only slight variations of colours and work for Dark Nebula. Together though, they complete each other in their brutality and do not hesitate to stamp on the opponent with all their strength.

Personality Edit

He along with his brothers generally look quite 'lumberman-like', and they are obviously very stubborn. As brothers, also, they do get angry at each other for simple things like losing. Both the younger brothers look up to Kumasuke.


Bear is the beast inside Rock Orso.

Japanese ベアー
English Translation Beā
English Dub Name Bear
First Appearance (Anime) Episode 26
First Appearance (Manga) Chapter

All three have Rock Orso D125B but their all different colors. Kumata has a white one.

Special MovesEdit

  • Bear Claw Smash
  • Triple Orso Step (All three)
  • Three Brothers Rake (All three)